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Safeguarding your largest property investment is vitally important to you and your family. North Carolina homeowners insurance provides the necessary protection against damage or destruction of your home and its contents. Additionally, this policy covers your personal liability if someone gets injured on your property.


Greystone agents work with you to assure that you are on the proper homeowners insurance form, and that you have a full understanding of the limits on the policy. We represent many of the leading carriers in the insurance industry to make sure you have the most competitive premiums available.


As a trusted advisor, our professionals work directly with you to help you understand what your coverage means, how to establish your replacement cost value and what exclusions are on your policy such as flood and earthquake. We also help you understand the limitations of coverage such as theft of jewelry, firearms, silver, etc. Most of these exclusions and limitations can be included in your homeowners policy by endorsement. And other perils such as flood can be written on a separate policy.


We structure your program as a portfolio of policies so you can take advantage of significant savings. In addition, when we insure ALL of your assets, it prevents gaps in coverage.


Greystone Insurance also offers renters’ insurance and condominium policies. Additionally, we offer insurance solutions for vacant land, farms, other structures, etc.


Please call us today at 828-264-2626 for a complete evaluation of your insurance needs and a proposal that is tailored to your assets, your liabilities, your goals, and your budget.

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