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Greystone Insurance is here to serve as your guide in choosing North Carolina health insurance products. We will assist you in selecting a combination of affordable provisions which are best suited to your individual and family medical insurance needs. We can also assist you in finding appropriate health insurance for your small or large business.


We will begin by evaluating your needs, assessing your options, answering your questions and determining health insurance plans which best suit your budget. We will review the availability of individual/family plans, disability income, long-term care options, dental and vision supplemental policies or cancer policies.


Our prompt and courteous agents have a wide range of products, available and will apprise you of health care reforms as well as help you manage claims in an expediate and professional manner. We monitor NC health insurance rates and will keep you informed.


Proper medical and disability insurance is vital to the financial security of you, your family and/or employees – covering sickness and injury, catastrophic medical treatment and lost income.


How Does The Affordable Care Act Affect You?

We have health insurance professionals to help you through the maze of changes that began in 2013.

  • Do you currently have a health insurance plan?

  • If you are a group, do you know if your plan was grandfathered?

  • Health Care Reform includes federal subsidies to help offset the cost.

  • Do you qualify for a subsidy?


Our health insurance professionals are trained to discuss your options and help you determine the best coverage for you. Please call us today for an appointment.


Partnering with Greystone Insurance empowers you to make informed decisions regarding your medical care.

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