Greystone Dentist Insurance

As a dentist, you realize that comfort and confidence is a key to your success. An important part of your comfort and confidence rests in the knowledge that your dentists’ insurance is the most complete and appropriate available.

Our team of specialists will assist you in creating a comprehensive policy to cover your property, equipment, general liability, and professional liability. Our policy covers you, your corporation, partnership, or LLC as well as your dental assistants and hygienists.

Our professional liability coverage is on an occurrence basis rather than a claims-made basis. This will allow you peace of mind knowing that regardless of when the claim is reported, it is covered. If you currently have a claims-made form and change to the broader occurrence form with us, we will be sure to provide you an extended reporting period to make sure you have no coverage gap.

Dental equipment is very expensive. Our agents will assist you in selecting the appropriate property and equipment breakdown coverage. Our Dentist Policy Endorsement is a must when choosing your coverage options. No property policy is complete without business income and extra expense coverage.

Talk with us about bundling all of your business insurance needs for substantial savings. By combining different companies, you will not have to worry about who pays! Greystone will design your Dentists’ Package to assure you exceptional coverage at an exceptional price.

From policy to personal service, we are here to help. Consider the many flexible options we offer. Phone us today at 828-264-2626 for your free quote.

“I have been most impressed that your agents stay in touch and help with decisions that improve and broaden my coverage and my understanding of what my coverage actually is. Questions concerning claims are also handled quite well. You take care of my account and give me timely and strategic advice on what is in my best interest.” Former NC Senator