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Greystone Insurance, a division of LifeStore Insurance, is located in Boone, North Carolina and is committed to meet the changing needs of our clients in a timely manner.

The Greystone team takes the time to understand each client’s situation to ensure complete and proper protection of assets. Personal relationships are paramount. By partnering with Greystone Insurance, you can rest assured knowing that you have an industry leading customer service team behind you. No matter what your need (claim, change of coverage, comprehensive review, account servicing, etc.), our professionals will go above and beyond to produce a solution and satisfy your needs with the most competitive premium!

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"December 17, 2007- While traveling on business, I received the call that everyone dreads. At 9:30pm, Richard called my cell phone. His first words were: “we are all ok, but our home is on fire and we are going to lose everything.” At that moment, our world changed. In a matter of minutes, we moved from planning our upcoming Christmas events to being homeless, trying to find clothes for a family of four, and facing the task of rebuilding our home that was less than 11 years old. Any one of these challenges was overwhelming. Facing all three of these issues while keeping jobs and trying to provide a sense of normalcy for our children was tough enough, fortunately we did not have to deal with the issue of not having adequate insurance coverage for our home. Thanks to the great staff at Greystone Insurance, our insurance policy more than covered the cost of rebuilding the structure and replacing 100% of the contents, it also covered the cost renting another home while we rebuilt our home. The role which Linda and her staff played in assisting us in our crisis was invaluable. Not only did they ensure that we had the proper coverage prior to our tragedy; they assisted us immensely with the technical and emotional support during our rebuilding process. Our insurance adjuster commented on how fortunate we were to have such sufficient coverage. To our surprise, he commented that most homes are underinsured, which unfortunately, the homeowner does not realizing until it is too late. We are now back in our completely rebuilt home and looking forward to making new memories thanks to Linda and the staff at Greystone Insurance." Testimonial: Fire Loss